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Purple Martins:One Man’s Journey

This is a recent blog post from Ontario on purple martins which you may wish to check out.




Aeroecology Research

Some cool information on geo-locators -so how do they work?



Boreal Bird Migration Map

There is a wonderful interactive  map which shows various species and their migration routes…


Bird Migration

The birds are on the move from the Boreal forest and we are now encountering them at various locations. Check out what Bird Canada has to say.

Google Bird

How you can use googling to see world trends in bird development  and migration. Check out this great article @

Cooper Hawk Attack on Purple Martins

There is nothing more disgusting or gut wrenching than a Cooper Hawk attacking a purple martin colony and the   chase of the colony. Check out the video at OPMA News.

Canadian Taverner Purple Martin House

Check out the article just sent to me from Prescott, Wisconsin on the Taverner Purple Martin House at OPMA News.


Hello everyone! The Ontario Purple Martin Association’s final meeting for 2013 will be held on: Saturday, September 14th (9:00 am), at Orchard View Golf Course, Ruthven. We’d like to have colony results from as many members as possible for inclusion in … Continue reading