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Joe Siegrist-PMCA Needs Our Help

The PMCA needs your help with outreach!

Dear Friends of Purple Martins and the PMCA,

We need your help to for the PMCA to reach a wider audience and to build support for Purple Martin conservation.  We are currently streaming a live video feed at one of our nests:  .  It would be a great help to our organization if you could share this address via your personal and organizational social media feeds.  The eggs are on track to hatch on the 18th and we want as many people as possible to witness the event and be inspired to help  Last year’s stream was a great success thanks to you, reaching over 2.5 Million Views!  We’d love to beat that this year and need your help!

Together, let’s reach a new, younger audience with an awareness of the Purple Martin’s story.


Joe Siegrist, President/CEO

Purple Martin Conservation Association

Together, let’s reach a new, younger audience with an awareness of the Purple Martin’s story.

Spring Songbird Eggs..what’s the difference

Which species of songbird matches the egg photos? Take a guess and then look at the answers after the photographs.








Number 1: Purple Martin

Number 2:Purple Martin

Number 3: Eastern Bluebird

Number 4: Tree Swallow

Did you guess correctly? Congratulations!

Do you have any subbies yet at your Ontario colony sites?

Hi Everyone,
I wonder if anyone is asking this same  question. I have an established colony of close to 40 pair in Essex, Ontario . Right now I have almost doubled this colony  and have many hanging around to feed on the scrambled eggs that I have been forced to feed due to see saw weather conditions. What I am noticing is that 98% of my current numbers are mostly ASY birds. I have  3 SY males so far and possibly a handful of SY females who have paired with ASY males.

In my colony, there has not been the usual wave of SY birds that fill in the gaps for me, at least so far as when I started my colony. I am hoping that more come through our area as many are noticing the lack of subbies as well.  It is difficult to make sense of migration this year. Did the  very cool spring/summer last year in  Ontario effect their southern migration or did they have a bad wintering experience and more bad weather on their way up to Ontario?

My colony has survived sleet, snow and ice storms this year and are rebounding with a lot of nest building as a result of supplementary food. Last week a couple of SY males showed up and I was hoping to see more of the female  SY birds come up to satisfy the ASY bachelors who are still looking for mates.

Because the ASY’s were late this year I wonder if there will be a large influx of SY’s since they too are just running behind this year.  It would be nice to see them fill in our Satellite sites in Essex and McGregor,Ontario that remain quiet.

This is a photo of the new site at Co-an Park in McGregor…

Let me know if you are experiencing the same  lack of SY’s this year? Or have you lost many ASY’s due to the poor Spring conditions?

Purple Martin Gourd Rack and Gourds for Sale

Richard Carr from the Walpole Island Purple Martin Project is selling a Super System-24 gourd rack system with gourds. It features a 16 foot , 3 inch square high tensile aluminum pole, mounted over a 57 inch ground stake. There are 8,    one and 1/2 inch aluminum angle arms . Each angle arm has  pre-punched gourd hanging holes spaced at 16 inch on center allowing room for even the largest natural or manufactured gourd.

If you are interested, Richard can be contacted at 810-706-2344.

Ontario Purple Martin Association Meeting is Saturday, May 26th, at 9:00 a.m.

Hello Purple Martin People!
The next meeting of the Ontario Purple Martin Association is Saturday, May 26th, at 9:00 am, at the home of our member Marianne Knapp, 3450 N. Malden Road, RR #2, Essex.   Marianne has a great site to view Purple Martins and Tree Swallows too.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see a local rarity …….. a pleasant, dry and sunny day ! EmojiEmojiEmoji   
We hope to see you there.     Please remember to bring your lawn chairs.   Call for directions if you need to.
Mary Wilson
Secretary – OPMA

New Gourd Rack at Orchard View Golf Course

Jim and Mary Sudds have been busy  installing  a brand  new Gemini Gourd Rack at Orchard View Golf course in Ruthven, Ontario.

The system  made by Troyer was purchased at the Harrow Feed Store, in Harrow, Ontario which sells the whole Troyer line of gourds and gourd racks.    Any type of gourd can be hung from it. The ones that were purchased were Troyer vertical gourds  with a tunnel (also bought at HFS).    They hope the Orchard View martins  will like the gourds just as much as Jim and Mary.  The martins have enjoyed this type of gourd rack at Erie Shores Golf Course , Leamington  for a few years now. Thanks Mary for sharing!

65 Walpole Island Purple Martins and Counting

Richard Carr from the Walpole Island Purple Martin Project sent me an email this morning indicating that the Purple Martins are pouring in on the island and the numbers continue to grow on a daily basis. They now have over 65 Purple Martins!

Thank you for sharing the information and the photos!

Ontario Purple Martin Association Meeting

Hello Purple Martin People!

Saturday, April 21st (9:00 am) is our next meeting of the Ontario Purple Martin Association, at Orchard View Golf Course in Ruthven.

With our winter coats still at the ready, it is hard to believe it is April, let alone that Purple Martins have managed to arrive back in small numbers to some of their homes! They are amazing birds, but it would be so nice if the weather wasn’t posing so many difficulties for them (and their landlords) every spring it seems. At this point it looks likely that we’ll be able to do a feeding demonstration at our meeting!

Just a reminder that at this meeting we will be doing 2 draws, as follows. All members who have paid their 2018 membership fee by or at the April meeting will be eligible for both these draws. Members do not have to be present to win.

* A draw for a one-year membership to the PMCA (paid for by the OPMA). Membership provides discounts for purchases from the PMCA online shop, as well as 4 issues of the beautiful Purple Martin Update magazine. Winner will receive an immediate membership to the PMCA if he/she is not already a PMCA member, OR will receive a membership for the following year if he/she is already a PMCA member.

* A draw for a 1-year membership to the OPMA (membership fee waived). The winning member will receive free membership for 2019.

We hope to see you on the 21st !

Mary Wilson