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Purple Martin Conservation Association Offers tips for 2018

If you need a refresher about how to get ready for 2018’s purple martin season, the PMCA has some tips for getting ready. It’s always a good idea to review and refine our knowledge base about proper maintenance and upkeep of our colonies…….Read more…….

Scout Report 2018

It won’t be long and the martins will be arriving on the southern shore of the USA. The PMCA has posted the link for submitting the 2018 scout arrival dates. The journey is already beginning for these martins as they prepare  by eating numerous insects in the rainforests of South America. The earliest report for 2017 was from Cape Coral, Florida on December 24…….

More information about their travels can be found at :

PMCA ‘s Scout Arrival 2018

Christmas for the Martins

One of our landlords was feeling the spirit of Christmas and decided to decorate for the season. 


Perfect Holiday Gift for the Martin Landlord

As Christmas approaches this year , many run out of ideas as to what to  buy that special person on their Santa List. A perfect stocking stuffer would be a membership to the Ontario Purple Martin Association for the seasoned landlord or novice. More information  on how to join is easy. Use the following form to get that gift that will keep on giving in 2018 or longer.

OPMA Sign Up Form

Oldest Tree Swallow and Purple Martin

I came across this trivia while scanning some records.

Oldest Swallows

The oldest male tree swallow on record was recaptured at the Port Rowan Lagoon in Long Point Observatory near  Port Rowan , Ontario. It was banded on June 14, 1986 and recovered on July 3, 1998 making it over 12 years old. It was  faithful to this site and was recaptured 150 feet from where it was hatched. From 1990 to 1994, it attended nestlings 65 feet from its hatching box. This information was retrieved from an issue of the January-March North American Bander .

The oldest purple martin on record stands at 13 years.

Don’s Bluebird Report 2017

Hello Bluebirders,

This afternoon, I added up the statistics.

Number of Birdhouses monitored in 2017…..121

Number of Successful Pairs of Bluebirds…..20

Number of Bluebirds fledged…..98

Number of Successful Pairs of Tree Swallows….89

Number of Tree Swallows fledged…..413

Average Number of Fledgling Tree Swallows per Nest…..4.64

Number of Pairs of House Wrens…..13 …

THANK  YOU to every-one who sent in their statistics!

These numbers may change, there maybe some people who send in their statistics later. There were many reports of dead Nestling Bluebirds & dead Tree Swallows in the first week of May. when it was cold & rainy. It was unusually cold with lots of rain, at that time.

Please wash out your Birdhouses, if you haven’t already.

Thanks again,

Don Bissonnette

Makin Ready for Spring

Brown Roof BB House with eggs

Bluebird Committee Annual Meeting

Hello Bluebirders,

We are having our Annual Fall Bluebird Brunch on Saturday, November 18. Just like the past few years, we will meet at Rose’s Kitchen, in ‘The Fire-place Room’. Rose’s Kitchen is in Essex, in the Foodland Plaza, at the corner of Talbot Street & Arner Townline.  Please arrive between 9 & 9:30. The Meeting starts at 9:30.

Hopefully, I will have all of the Statistics gathered by then.  There is still a few people that haven’t sent in their numbers.

Please, bring in photos, of your Bluebirds & Tree Swallows, and interesting sites from along your Bluebird trails.

Lots of reports of Tree Swallows over the last several days.  On Tuesday, Oct.24, in the late morning, I saw several Tree Swallows, close to the 4th Concession. They were headed South, but were struggling against the strong wind from the West.

Please respond to this E-mail , let me know if your’re coming or not. The Staff at Rose’s would like an idea of the number of people to expect.

Hope to see you on the 18th!


Don Bissonette



A New Kind of Vertical Nest System




A new experimental individual purple martin housing unit is about to hit the market with landlords invited to participate in a test launch of the housing units. The ChirpyNest System is now being sold from Virginia, US by Tom Brake. Find out more about this system at his website.

Read more…