Welcome to the Ontario Purple Martin Association (OPMA)

L’Association ontarienne de l’Hirondelle noire (pourpre)

Conservation –   Education – Involvement

The Ontario Purple Martin Association (l’Association ontarienne de l’Hirondelle noire was founded in 2001 as the Essex Purple Martin Association to  assist purple martin hobbyists.

If you want to find out about Purple Martins,  click on the Purple Martin Information Link.

Purple Martin Information


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Ontario Purple Martin Scout Arrival Date

The 2018  martin scouts  should arrive in Ontario in approximately   11 days  as of March 15 according to the earliest 2017 PMCA Scout Report  which was March 25, 2017. That being said most arrived between April 02-April 09 etc. If the weather cooperates the martins may return on this date or earlier.


Nature Canada/Ontario Purple Martin Association

Colony Site Survey  BELOW.

return it to martinman@hotmail.com

2017_Excel Purple Martin Colony Survey

2017 Purple Martin Colony  pdf Report  


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