Welcome to the Ontario Purple Martin Association (OPMA)

L’Association ontarienne de l’Hirondelle noire (pourpre)

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The Ontario Purple Martin Association (l’Association ontarienne de l’Hirondelle noire was founded in 2001 as the Essex Purple Martin Association to  assist purple martin hobbyists.

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Watch as a pair of adult Purple Martins try to successfully raise nestlings at the Purple Martin Conservation Association HQ in Erie, PA, USA. *UPDATES BELOW* Facts …

Purple Martin NestCam 2018

Ontario Purple Martins Being Fed in the Summer

Summertime feeding of your martins is an excellent way to save your martins during excessively high weather temperatures. If you have trained your birds to take food, they will readily feed it back to the young,thus saving your colony from a major disaster. Similarly, if the weather becomes cool and wet, this method will definitely save them. Be prepared to feed several scrambled eggs or crickets. This video was produced in 110 degree heat and shows how the martins are in need of that extra help.



Nature Canada/Ontario Purple Martin Association

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2018 Purple Martin Colony  pdf Report  


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